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The solution for boredom in the stable or in the field!
The Maximus Fun Play Ball is made of high-quality materials and is therefore extremely strong.
The inner layer of the ball consists of rubber, which is covered with strong cotton.
Because the outside is made of PU material, the ball is soft, durable and practically indestructable.
The ball can be easily hung up in the stable or meadow via the top loop.
The attached elastic bands on the Maximus Fun Play Ball offer the possibility of attaching hay, grass or other snacks to the ball.
The loop and the rubber bands make it extra easy for your horse or pony to pick up the Fun Play Ball.

The ball comes with pump.

Size:19 cm

Colours: Pink, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange

Code: E090

Product Code: E090BE

Brand: Maximus

RRP: $110.00 NZD